Make money with a Travel blog. Join TravelPayouts Affiliate Network

Travelpayouts is an Affiliate Network that includes affiliate programs from other travel brands. With Travelpayouts you can earn online by promoting various travel services.

How does the Travelpayouts platform work ?

  • You register on the Travelpayouts platform;
  • Add information about how you plan to promote travel-related services;
  • Explore the affiliate programs offered and join as many as you like;
  • Insert affiliate tools on your website to encourage visitors to book flights, hotels, cars and other travel services;
  • Visitors search and book on your website using affiliate tools;
  • Receive a commission for every booking made by your users. The percentage of earnings is specified in the “About” tab of each program.
TravelPayouts affiliate

Therefore, every time your user clicks on any of the TravelPayouts services , which you would advertise on your site, you would earn a commission when completing the purchase. In fact, all purchases made by the user during the 30 days following the transition date from your affiliate link will be counted.

Who can Become a Travelpayouts Partner ?

  • Travel site owners
  • Travel blogger
  • SEO experts 
  • Travel agencies
  • Anyone who wants to earn money on the Internet through revenue from flight and hotel bookings.

Please note that you don’t need a website to join the Travelpayouts partnership platform .

How much does it cost to join the Travelpayouts partnership platform?

Registration on the Travelpayouts partnership platform is free. There are no setup fees and no costs whatsoever. As soon as you register online, you get instant access to affiliate tools.

What Affiliate Tools does Travelpayouts offer ?

Travelpayouts affiliate tools are available in several languages ​​and include:

  • Search forms
  • Text links
  • Banner
  • Plugin per CMS WordPress
  • API
travelPayouts affiliate network

How to Get Started with TravelPayouts?

  1. Join the platform (your account will be approved instantly).
  2. Choose your affiliate tools (search forms, text links, banners, white labels). Place tools on your website to encourage visitors to book travel services.
  3. Visitors search and book travel services through the Travelpayouts tools on your website.
  4. Track your earnings in affiliate reports. All reports are updated in real time. However, depending on the booking provider, reports may be delayed by up to an hour.
  5. Earn for every booking.

7 Ways to Share Your Affiliate Link

  1. Write reviews on TravelPayouts and add your affiliate link;
  2. Always add your affiliate link in your most successful posts;
  3. Insert your link in the Bio of your social profiles;
  4. Leave your affiliate link in the signature of emails;
  5. Create ad hoc articles on your blog;
  6. Share your affiliate link in thematic forums;
  7. Promote your affiliate link in social media advertising campaigns.

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